Chapter 0.2 – Endorsement

In my opinion, Aldo Uberti did more to stimulate the miniature firearms collecting hobby than everyone else in history put together. Aldo loved miniatures, and had his craftsmen make him many different miniatures of Colt revolvers, Henry and Winchester lever action rifles. Uberti was making full size replicas for the United States Historical Society, and once their representatives got a look at some of Aldo’s miniature collection, they decided there was a market to produce the miniature replicas on a limited scale. Before this, only the very wealthy could afford to collect miniature firearms. Aldo Uberti as the maker, and the U.S. Historical Society as the marketer, made miniatures firearms that the average person could afford, thus thousands of new collectors started collecting miniature firearms. New collectors entering the hobby spurred more interest in miniature firearms of all sorts, from all makers, and Uberti miniatures in particular because of their attractive price. To capitalize on that interest, Uberti introduced new models, and many variations of existing models. Today a complete collection of every variation of the Uberti miniature Colt revolvers would encompass several hundred different models, many which are from scarce to extremely rare. The collection you are about to view is the first attempt, as far as I know, to collect & document these many variations. Prepare to be amazed as you view what I consider to be the finest collection of Uberti miniature firearms ever assembled!

Wayne Driskill wielding "Walker's Walkers", the pair of Colt Walkers made for Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers who inspired these revolvers

Also included in this collection of miniatures are some smaller scale Colts and a Smith & Wesson revolver made by a consortium of craftsmen in Japan. These smaller scale guns are typically made of softer metals such as brass or silver, in scales from 1/4 to 1/6. Although not of the same high quality as the Uberti miniatures, they still have their place as collectible miniature firearms, thus their inclusion in the collection.


Wayne Driskill

Owner - Wayne Driskill Miniature Firearms

President of the Miniature Arms Collectors And Makers Society.

Pearland, TX, U.S.A., December 21, 2018