Chapter 0.3 – Acknowledgements

No project like this complex and dynamic website could have been created without the unselfish cooperation of the following individuals, companies, institutions and associations. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your assistance and support in the making of this website.

My particular thanks go to Udo Lander of Forbach/Germany who provided the introduction into the subject from a perspective of guiding perception. 

My particular thanks go to two curators Udo Lander, Forbach/Germany and his colleague Frank Lankoff, Achern/Germany, of Wehrgeschichtliches Museum in Rastatt/Germany. The two provided the introduction into the subject from a perspective of guiding perception. 

Wayne Diskill of Pearland in Texas/U.S.A. proved an unending source of encouragement and of extensive information thanks to his spirited advice and cooperation. 

I also like to extend my appreciation to Holger Peters of Frankfurt/Germany for his photographic contributions and Peter Dyson of Huddersfield/Great Britain for offering his insight into the British miniature scene.

Unwavering supporters of the American Frontier Miniatures research project (from left): Suzanne Webb of A. Uberti, Prof. Dr. h.c. Moritz Hunzinger owner of the Hunzinger Collection, Giacomo Merlino of A. Uberti

Thanks are due to my enthusiastic colleagues and friends from the gun collectors' and western shooters' fraction. They were always there and helped with guns for comparative photographs from their collections or of their shooting arsenal to bring the real things and miniatures into proper perspective. They also provided the much needed inspiration and feedback, or were able to suggesting this one missing link: Dr. Waldemar Gorzawski of HEGE Jagd & Sport Messkirch/Germany, Jürgen "Artur" Felske Hofheim/Germany, Erwin Gräber Ratingen/Germany, Dieter Hummel Eppenhain/Germany, Lothar Karges of Waffentreff Karges Schondra/Germany, Michael Mayer Wiesbaden/Germany, Karl Nedbal Vösendorf/Austria, Wolfgang Pfeiffer Rottenburg/Germany, Ingo Standke Elsdorf/Germany, Lutz Viertel of Collector Firearms Hofheim/Germany. Gentlemen, you made my day!


Wolf D. Niederastroth

Curator – Hunzinger Collection American Frontier Miniatures

Hofheim, Germany, February 2019