Chapter 1.1 - Miniature Guns in Manufactory Quality of the Civil War and the Western Frontier by the World-Renowned Replica Maker

The company of weapons engineer and replica maker Aldo Uberti from northern Italy's Gardone in Val Trompia is famous the world over since 1959 as a manufacturer of high quality guns from the Civil War period and the conquering of the American West during the 19th century.

Unfortunately, he passed away too early aged 74 years only in 1998. 

It is not just the Civil War reenactors or sport shooters who make use of his models of full size period revolvers, lever action or buffalo guns.Since the middle of the 1960s they are regularly found props in iconic western movies and TV sagas, too. To name just a few "THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY", "SILVERADO", "DANCES WITH WOLVES", "YOUNG GUNS", "LONESOME DOVE", "TOMBSTONE", "LAST STAND AT SABER RIVER", "THE JOURNEYMAN",  "OPEN RANGE", "CROSSFIRE TRAIL", "BROKEN TRAIL", "LAST TRAIN TO YUMA", "DESPERATE TRAIL", "TRUE GRIT", "DJANGO – UNCHAINED", or more recently "THE HATEFUL EIGHT". 

Even gun museums feature his shooting irons nowadays.

Miniature Colt SAA 1873 Old Model #3056: "In the white" finish, cased in U.S. walnut hinged top casing from Imperial Miniature Armory (IMA), Richmond, Texas with magnetic latches, the interior English fit, lined in a russet suede, original brass oiler, solid brass dummy cartridges, Colt instructions interior lid label

Unlike full sized guns the production of miniature arms almost never happens in a factory environment. One rare exception was in Italy until a few years ago. Because only a handful of initiates areaware that Uberti replicas were also made in miniature format 1:2.125 or 47% scale until the year 2008.For the most part these guns are still hand fitted and assembled with expert craftmanship and attention to detail.

Close-up of Colt instructions on interior lid label of cased #3056

Colt SAA #3056 on IMA display box

 Colt SAA #3056: Two-line patent dates and caliber stamp on the shoulder of the trigger guard

Ten years after the Aldo Uberti & C. SRL company of Gardone terminated their making of miniature guns new conclusions can be drawn.













February 21, 2019/WDN

NB documentation of serial numbers: On this website the serial numbers of Uberti miniature guns will be highlighted with a # prefix. E.g. a miniature with the serial number 1234 will be shown as #1234

If an inspection of a miniature reveals the mark of one of the miniature gun artists – currently recognized marks are GM, MPPMUA – in addition to a serial number his or her mark will be added between the # and the digits of the serial number. Therefore, a gun with the mark e.g. of artist GM and serial number 4321 will be documented as #GM4321 etc.

For further details regarding Uberti's miniature gun artists scroll down to the chapter 1.3 titled Aldo Uberti's Team of Movers and Shakers.