Chapter 1.5 - Accessories

1.5.1 Cartons: Italy's Uberti company delivered their miniatures in a green cardboard box, the interior protective foam padded and in a plastic bag. 

1.5.2 Acryl Glass Mounts: Mounts like the one pictured below were available through the Uberti dealer network.

Uberti made a "one fits all" acrylic glass mount  

Original miniature percussion pistol accessories displayed on wooden presentation case (clockwise from left): Two cavity bullet mold, cleaning rod, powder flask, nipple wrench, brass oiler

1.5.3 United States Historical Society Cartons for Presentation Cases: On the other side of the Big Pond the United States Historical Society elected to deliver their presentation cases in beige cardboard boxes with brown lid. Initially they had their accessories produced in Italy, later switched to U.S. sources and eventually to Chinese suppliers. 

USHS Classic Line contoured presentation case with Colt 1860 Army Miniature #142: Note slide latch hinged top casing, yellow brass plaque with the USHS information (courtesy Erwin Gräber collection)

Gold colored USHS address sticker found underneath the presentation case (courtesy Erwin Gräber collection)

USHS display cases were of the contoured variety aka French fit. Their Presidential and Prestige Edition cases were equipped with wood framed glass lids and an etched Colt logo, whereas the lids of their Classic Editions were of mahogany wood featuring an embossed Colt logo. 

In addition to the pistol the case would include a brass plaque which reads such details as miniature model, type of edition plus the company names of COLT FIREARMS and UNITED STATES HISTORICAL SOCIETY.




1) Wayne Driskill, Pearland, TX, U.S.A., email exchange, Feb. 3, 2021


February 4, 2021/WDN

1.5.2 Wooden Display Cases: Display cases were sold through the dealer network, either with partitions (English fit) and wooden lid or with contoured inlays (French fit) with a wood framed glass lid. They could be had for selected percussion revolvers and Single Action Armies (SAAs). The cases for the SAAs typically had a block for dummy cartridges1).

Makers of the cases were Italian sub-contractors of Uberti. Imperial Miniature Armory (IMA) of Richmond, Texas in the U.S.A. was a provider of cases for Uberti, too1).

The interior lid labels of the wooden cases for the SAAs were made by Knight Printing in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.1) Accessories for Display Cases: Miniature cleaning rods, powder flasks, nipples wrenches, cap boxes, brass oiler, two (2) types of (empty) boxes for paper cartridges  - .36 and .44 cal. - to complete the cases were available, too.

Uberti replicated (empty) box of paper cartridges for .36 cal. and .44 cal. miniature percussion revolvers. Pictured is the .36 cal. box.

USHA cardboard box (courtesy Erwin Gräber collection)

USHS cardboard box open containing Italian made mahogany casing of their Classic Line: Note Colt logo stamped on a top right corner of the lid. Sticker reads Crafted in Italy (courtesy Erwin Gräber collection) Dummy Cartridges: All dummy cartridges of the Hunzinger Collection are of turned brass. So far only straight wall dummies of .45 Colt cartridges have been discovered for the display cases of Colt 1873 Single Action Armies, whereas .44-40 dummies have not surfaced for the 1860 Henry or the Winchester 1866 carbines and rifles.

Size comparison (from left): Life .22 short, Barnes Bullets dummy with blunt, Uberti dummy with round nose, life .45 Colt

The headstamps of all dummies of the collection and the original life .45 Colt one pictured here reads W-W 45 COLT. Font and depth of the stamps used for the headstamps of the dummies differs, however. On some dummies the headstamps seem to have been engraved with a pencil engraving machine.

Size comparison (from left): Life .22 short, Barnes Bullets dummy with blunt, Uberti dummy with round nose, life .45 Colt

Headstamps of a row of 14 Uberti dummies and 1 Barnes Bullets dummy (far right)

Close-up headstamps (from left): Barnes Bullets vs. Uberti dummy, pencil engraving machine used by Barnes Bullets?

Except for one all dummies here share slightly different shaped round nose bullets. They also have a groove for an ejector. These were from the Uberti team or one of their (local) subcontractors. This one "exceptional" dummy mentioned, however, has a blunt nose bullet pictured below and no groove for an ejector. According to our Texas friend and miniature gun authority Wayne Driskill ( the blunt nose dummy without groove for an ejector was delivered by Barnes Bullets of Mona in Utah, U.S.A.1)( Incidentally, Barnes Bullets was also the maker of the oilers found in the display cases.1)

Comparing dummy contours and sizes: Note blunt nose bullet of Barnes Bullets (far left) w/o groove for ejector vs. round nose bullets of Uberti with groove for ejector

The overall length of the dummy cartridges, length and diameter of the cases and thickness and diameter of the rims differs (see above picture) no matter the maker. These findings might indicate more than one maker or subcontractor rather was involved, or specifications were changed between batches produced.

Close-up of Barnes Bullets vs. Uberti dummy cartridge (from left): Note blunt vs. round nose, case w/o vs with groove for ejector, different thickness of rims