Chapter - Hartford Uberti Colt 1851 Navy Miniatures – Squareback Models

Colt 1851 Navy Variants – Squareback or "Early" Models: In addition to the 7,5" octagon barrels, 3-screw frame, brass triggerguards and backstraps, hinged loading levers with catch, cylinders roll-engraved with Ormsby naval engagement scene.

The distinguishing features of these early ca. 4,200 production models:

  • major difference compared to later production round triggerguard Colt 1851 Navies is the squareback triggerguard
  • excluding finish or other embellishments the distinguishing between the "early" models presented on this page is in the loading lever plunger screw. It enters either from the right or from the left side.

Trio of Colt 1851 Navies with squareback triggerguard (from top): 2nd generation Colt re-issue "father" #17297 (1975 production; courtesy Dieter Hummel Collection), note loading lever plunger screw entering from the right side; #530 "son" with charcoal blued barrel & cylinder, loading lever plunger screw entering from the right side; #PM3 "son" in "Cowboy-Quality" enhanced by one-piece ivory grips, loading lever plunger screw entering from the left side 

Renowed Colt 1851 Navy researcher Nathan L. Swayze describes two (2) Navy models with squareback triggerguard, naming them the 1st and the 2nd model. Their differences are narrow only.1) Bearing this in mind Uberti disregarded these subtle differences in the making of their miniatures of the "early" 1851 Navies.

A number of Uberti squareback miniatures of Colt 1851 Navies of the Hunzinger Collection including those sold through the  United States Historical Society (USHS) are noted with loading lever plunger screws entering from the right side, see #530 in the center of the above picture or below in the comparative pictures and among the cased variants.

A few other "early" model Navies in the Collection obtained through channels other than the USHS program have that screw entering from the left, like you see in #PM3 at the bottom of the above picture and #783 further down on this page, too.

Both ways of screws entering the plungers are historically correct.

All squareback miniatures in the Hunzinger Collection share the "V" or non-beveled "small" type of loading notch found on the right side of the barrel lug. 

Two Colt 1851 Navies with squareback triggerguard displayed on the Connecticut State Flag because during the second half of the 19th century the Colt factory produced their guns in Hartford, CT like they do today (from top) : 2nd generation Colt re-issue "father" #15379 (1975 production, courtesy Wolf D. Niederastroth Collection) vs. Uberti miniature "son"  #530 from the United States Historical Society edition. The two pistols share period marks and markings as well as their loading lever plunger screw are entering from the right side​​​​​​​

Impressions of a pair of Uberti made "early" Colt 1851 Navy miniatures (from top): #12 in cowboy quality vs #530 featuring charcoal blue barrel and cylinder. Note the loading lever plunger screw entering from the left side in #12 but from the right in #530. Both pistols feature historically correct marks and markings

Uberti made "classic edition" for the United States Historical Society of model Colt 1851 Navy miniature #530 cased in French fit with blue interior

Another cased set – English fit with red interior - containing Uberti Colt 1851 miniature with accessories: pistol #PM3 fitted with one-piece ivory grip is featuring NEW-YORK CITY barrel address starting from the breech end (!), COLT'S PATENT mark in two lines on the forward left side of the frame, 36 CAL stamped on left shoulder of the triggerguard


1. Swayze; N. L.: '51 COLT NAVIES, 1967


August 29, 2019/WDN

Impressions of two more "early" Uberti Colt 1851 Navy miniatures (from top): #PM3 with ivory grip vs #784 in cowboy quality. Note the loading lever plunger screw of both pistols is entering from the left side

Threw more views of #530 from above USHS cased set featuring also details finish and marks and markings. 5 € cent coin is added for size comparison

Three more views of #PM3 from above cased featuring details of marks and markings. 5 € cent piece added for size comparison

Impressions of three Uberti made Colt 1851 Navy miniatures with squareback triggerguard in cowboy quality (from top): #12 vs #784 vs #PM809. Note that plunger screws of these pistols are entering from the left side. 5 € cent coin is added for size comparison