Chapter - Hartford Uberti Colt 1851 Navy Miniatures – Round Triggerguard Models

Colt 1851 Navy Variants – Round Triggerguard or "Late" Models: In addition to their regular 7,5" octagon barrels, 3-screw frames, round brass triggerguards and brass backstraps, hinged loading levers with catch and the cylinders roll-engraved with the Ormsby naval engagement scene the distinguishing feature of these models are the round trigger guards. 


1. Swayze; N. L.: '51 COLT NAVIES, 1967


November 16, 2019/WDN

Close ups of two pairs of Colt 1851 Navy miniatures (top down): nickel plated #PM51 fitted with one piece ivory grip and #PM873 without any embellishment vs #789 embellished with nickel plating on triggerguard and backstrap und #790 featuring charcoal blued barrel and cylinder and one piece ivory grip

The authority among the Colt 1851 Navy researchers is Nathan L. Swayze. He describes two (2) Navy models with round triggerguard, the 3rd with small rounded triggerguards, and the 4th model with large rounded triggerguards.1)

The "late" Uberti miniature Colt 1851 Navies recorded are fitted with "one fits all" rounded triggerguard. In other words in the Uberti miniature Colt 1851 Navy line this narrow difference is disregarded.

Later variants of the 3rd models and all of the 4th models feature beveled loading notches of a size larger than the previous "V" shaped ones used in the Squareback models. Thanks to these beveled loading notches round, conical balls and paper cartridges can be loaded easily in the originals and in the Uberti replicas as well. 

In the making of Uberti miniatures this property was ignored and barrels cut with the "V" type notch of the earlier squareback models were installed.

All "late" Uberti miniatures of Colt 1851 Navies of the Hunzinger Collection have the period correct loading lever plungers screws entering from the left side. 

Size comparison of four Uberti made Colt 1851 Navies with round triggerguard pictured on the Italian National flag where the Uberti headquarters are based (from top): full size replica "father" #9557 from 1970 (Gardone date code XXVI, courtesy Wolf D. Niederastroth Collection) vs 3 "son" miniatures #789 featuring traditional finish and nickel plated backstrap and triggerguard, #790 with charcoal a blued barrel and cylinder group fitted with one piece ivory grips, #PM51 completely nickel plated and one piece ivory grips

Two Uberti made Colt 1851 Navies with round triggerguards for size comparison pictured on the Connecticut State flag. Because during the 19th century these Navy pistols were manufactured at Sam Colt's Hartford, Connecticut factory. Note the large beveled loading notch of the full size replica or "father" #9557 taken from the right, miniature or "son" #PM873 from the left. Both feature traditional finish or "cowboy quality" without any embellishment 

Two more views of Colt 1851 Navy miniature #PM873 with round triggerguard in traditional finish (top down): right side view size comparison to 5€ cent note also the small size "V" shaped loading notch of the barrel lug, left side view

Two impressions of "late" Colt 1851 Navy miniature with round triggerguard #790 note barrel and cylinder charcoal blued, one-piece ivory grip (top down): right side view size comparison to 5€ cent, left side view

Two views of Colt 1851 Navy miniature with round triggerguard #789 note traditional finish but embellishment by nickel plated triggerguard and backstrap (top down): right side view size comparison to 5€ cent, left side view

Three impressions of Colt 1851 Navy miniature with round triggerguard #PM51 note nickel finish and one pice ivory grip (top down): right side view size comparison to 5€ cent, top view note NAVY 51 barrel marking, right side view