Chapter - London Uberti Colt 1851 Navy Minature Variants

Colt 1851 London Navy Variants: In addition to the features listed on page 1.6.2 the London pistols are known to have 3 and 4-screw frames together with "round" triggerguards. 

Ca. 42,000 specimens were completed and/or produced in the London Colt Armory between 1853 and 1856. The so called 1st models of ca. 2,000 units were partially built in Hartford and completed in London. Most such specimens have silver plated brass backstraps and oval brass triggerguards. Collectors call them Hartford-London Navies.

Two Colt 1851 London Navy miniatures in "Cowboy-Quality" (from top): Pistol #PM146 4-screw frame with shoulder stock attached; #MP15 3-screw frame w/o notches in recoil shield 

Size comparison of two Colt 1851 London Navies displayed on the national flag of the United Kingdom aka Union Jack (top down): Original Hartford-London Navy "father" from 1855 #32196 (courtesy Lutz Viertel Collection) vs. Uberti "son" #MP15

Colt 1851 London Navy miniature #PM146: NB notches in recoil shield and toe on butt, attached shoulder stock

Close-up of Colt 1851 London Navy miniature #PM146: Note legend on cylinder between naval scene's ends with serial number and Ormsby address, protruding 4th pair of screws on frame, 36 CAL stamp on left shoulder of triggerguard

Original 1st and 2nd model London Navies are recorded with beveled loading notches of a size larger than the previous "V" shaped ones in the squareback models. Thanks to these beveled loading notches round, conical balls and paper cartridges can be loaded. In the making of subject Uberti miniatures, however this aspect was disregarded and the "V" type notch of the earlier Squareback models were cut.

All Uberti miniatures of Colt 1851 London Navies in the Hunzinger Collection share period correct loading lever plungers screws entering from the left side and round triggerguards. Triggerguards and backstraps are made of steel. Two variants are noted:

  • 3-screw frame, "round" recoil shield without notches,
  • 4-screw frame, recoil shield and buttstrap with notches for the attachment of a shoulder stock. As an accessory a shoulder stock is available. 

The overall length of the miniature shoulder stock of 4-screw frame Colt 1851 London Navy #PM146 in the Hunzinger Collection is 20,60 cm/8.11 inch. This makes this Navy shoulder stock a mite shorter than the one fitted to the Colt 1860 Army miniature #323 presented over in chapter


1. Swayze; N. L.: '51 COLT NAVIES, 1967


January 15, 2020/WDN

View of #M15P: Note 3-screw frame, "round" recoil shield without notches to attach a shoulder stock, two-line COLT'S PATENT mark on left side of frame and 36 CAL stamped on left shoulder of triggerguard

View from the River Themes at Colt's London factory

The distinguishing features of the so called 2nd models are in the London origin of all parts and most are fitted with steel backstraps and triggerguards. They are dubbed London-London Navies.1)

Contemporary drawing of the Colt shoulder stock used for 4-screw framed Colt 1851/1861 Navies and 1960 Armies