Chapter – 3-Screw Frame Uberti Colt 1860 Army Miniatures 

Three Uberti Colt 1860 Army miniatures, cylinders roll-engraved with Ormsby naval engagement scene (from top): #PM11 8" barrel, charcoal blued barrel & cylinder; #PM356 7,5" barrel prototype; #PM2 8" barrel, charcoal blued barrel & cylinder

Colt 1860 Army miniature #PM2 with typical 8" barrel, charcoal blued barrel and cylinder

Variations: During the first production runs below serial number 3500 a limited number of original Colt model 1860s was fitted with a 7,5" barrels instead of the standard 8" barrel. 

Colt Army 1860 miniature of prototype #PM356 with rare 7,5" barrel, "Cowboy" grade quality"

November 6, 2018/WDN

At the Uberti factory the makers of the Colt 1860 Army miniatures replicated the tasks of their Hartford colleagues from the 19th century and assembled a few of their 3-screw framed models with 7,5" barrels, but most were fitted with 8" barrels! These 7,5" barrel 1860 miniatures are rare.

Hence, tracking down such a 7,5" barreled prototype will add to the happiness of today's Uberti miniature gun collectors.