Chapter – 4-Screw Frame Uberti Colt 1860 Army Miniatures 

Since the year 1963 the replica manufacturing company carrying Aldo Uberti's name is providing the global community of collectors, shooters and reenactors with replicas of the iconic Civil War era Colt 1860 Army remarkably close to the real thing in all important aspects. 

So did Aldo's team of miniature gun artists at the Uberti factory. They followed suit and faithfully replicated even the stocked variants of the 1860 as you can see on the pictures below.

Comparative views of two Uberti Colt 1860 Armies with 4-srew frames with and without shoulder stocks attached, rebated cylinder with Ormsby naval engagement scene: top a "father" replica #73176 year code AA (1975; courtesy Dieter Hummel Collection) vs. bottom a "son" miniature #323

The overall length of the miniature shoulder stock of this Colt 1860 Army #323 has been measured at 20,80 cm/8.189 inch. This makes it a mite longer than the one fitted to the Colt 1851 London Navy #PM146 in chapter

Views of Uberti made Colt 1860 Army miniature #323 with stock attached, added to the collection in July, 2018: No Uberti marks anywhere on this combo!

Period correct barrel marking of #323

Close-up of #323: Note serial number placement on barrel lug, frame and trigger-guard and protruding 4th pair of screws

2 close-ups of #323 (top down): COLT PATENS mark on left side of frame, 44 CAL on left shoulder of trigger-guard, yoke and pistol connected, yoke hooked in recoil shield and stabilized by 4th pair of screws, note COLTS PATENT No 323 between ends of naval scene on cylinder

Pistol and shoulder stock #323 disconnected

Top and bottom view of yoke of shoulder stock  #323

Close-up of shoulder stock's yoke: Unusual placement of serial number #323 inside of yoke, none on top of butt plate

December 19, 2018/WDN