Chapter – "New Model" Uberti Colt Single Action Revolver Miniatures

Colt 1873 SAA – "New Model" or "Smokeless Frame": The cylinder pin of these models is kept in place with a transverse cylinder latch, the ejector rod is equipped with a "half-moon" shaped tip.

The half-moon or crescent shaped ejector rod buttons were introduced as early as 1882 in original Colt SAAs but the cylinder base pin held in place by spring-loaded cross-pin screws was launched in 1896 only. 

The latter date commonly defines the switch from the so called black powder to the smokeless framed Colt Single Action Armies.

Nicely replicated key features of two Uberti miniature Colt SAAs: "New Model" #2553 (lower pistol) features transverse cylinder latch and crescent tip of ejector rod but "Old Model" #3400 (upper pistol) has cylinder pin secured by screw through front of frame and bullseye ejector rod head

A not too serious caveat is in order here: Many aficionados of the venerable Colt SAA enjoy Cowboys and Indians movies, too. If the story of this western you are watching takes place during the 1870s or 1880s but the hero or the bad guy is toting a smokeless framed SAA - which is what most of them do - then the prop master of the movie did not issue period correct irons. In other words you were watching another one of these Hollyweid flicks.

No offence intended but in his many Western movies the cowboy characters of John Wayne usually carried a smokeless frame SAA with the half-moon tip of the ejector rod.

A pair of special production long barreled Colt Buntline New Model Uberti miniatures with 18" barrel (top) #3401 in traditional finish vs. 12" barrel (bottom) #PM3428 featuring the combination of traditional finish and nickel plated ejector housing, hammer and screws

Bottom view of Colt 1873 New Model Buntline miniature #3401: Note #3401 stamped on triggerguard and frame, maker's mark A.UBERTI ITALY stamped under the barrel

View of buttstrap of Colt 1873 New Model Buntline miniature #3401: Note three digits 401 of serial number close to screw and toe for the attachment of a shoulder stock

Comparative view of three Uberti Colt 1873 SAA "New Models" with regular production 7,5" barrel: Top pistol is replica "father" #146798 year code BI (1997; courtesy Wolf D. Niederastroth Collection) custom embellished with nickel plating, fire blued screws, PU Gripmaker ivory grips fitted vs. miniature "son" #PM3398 pointing to the left and miniature "son" #2553 pointing to the right

January 13, 2020/WDN

A few Uberti miniature Colt Single Action New Model Armies from the Hunzinger Collection displayed on the Connecticut State flag with one U.S. $ coin for size comparison (top down): 18" barrel Buntline in traditional finish #3401, 12" barrel Buntline traditional finish with nickel plated ejector rod, hammer and screws #PM3428, 7,5" barrel traditional finish #PM3398, 5,5" barrel nickel plated #3408, 5,5" barrel traditional finish #3422

Right sight view of miniature #PM3398 in cowboy quality

Left side view of miniature #2553 in cowboy quality: Note two lines patent dates marking on forward left side of frame and 45 COLT caliber stamp on shoulder of triggerguard

Barrel marking of #PM3398 reads COLT'S PT F. A. MFG. Co HARTFORD. CT. U.S.A. + from muzzle to breech like on originals, unusual toe on buttstrap

Right side view of miniature #3422 with regular production 5,5" barrel in cowboy quality

Left side view of miniature #3408 with regular production 5,5" barrel nickel plated

Right side view of "Storekeeper" miniature #3416 with special production 3" barrel without ejector, .44 WCF cartridge added for size comparison

Two pictures of an eyecatcher of the Hunzinger Collection's miniatures of 5,5" barreled Colt 1873 SAA New Models (top down): Cased #PM2924 displayed on the wooden case; case opened, English fit with red interior, dummy cartridges and oil brass bottle

Two additional views of eyecatcher Colt SAA #PM2924 this time displayed on Connecticut State flage (top): Note charcoal blued barrel, cylinder, triggerguard and backstrap, one piece ivory grips

Close-ups of the eyecatcher (top down) showing details of stamps and markings: Left side view of frame with patent dates (two lines) and .45 CAL. on shoulder of TG; top of the barrel marking reads + COLT'S P.T. F.A. MFG. COHARTFORD. CT. U.S.A. + from muzzle to breech; S/N stamped on frame 2924 but 2924 PM (two lines) on TG; buttstrap is stamped in two lines 924 PM close to screw and under ivory grip PASSERI M