Chapter – Fantasy Colt Single Action Miniatures

Chapter - Fantasy Colt Single Action Miniatures

This special group of Uberti made Colt 1873 Single Action Army miniatures share one important common feature: Their backstraps are made of brass. As initiates know very well Colt never made SAAs with anything but steel grip frames (backstraps and triggerguards). 

Hence, this brass backstrap makes these miniatures GTNW (Guns That Never Were) or fantasy SAAs. 

Nobody advocates that fantasy Colt SAAs are less collectable because the contrary is true!

Further common but regular features of these GTNW SAA miniatures are 

  • their traditional finish, 
  • standard barrel length of 4.75", 5,5" and 7,5" only,
  • no patent marks on the forward left side of the frame,
  • no caliber stamps on the left shoulder of the triggerguard,
  • no toe on the butt for the attachment of a shoulder stock,
  • all these SAAs are consecutively numbered between #3387 and #3397!

Five Colt 1873 SAA fantasy miniatures in traditional finish with brass backstraps from the Hunzinger Collection displayed on the Italian State flag (top down): 7,5" barreled Old Models #3397 and #3396, 5,5" barreled #3389 Old Model and #3388 New Model, 4,75"#3387 Old Model

The 100,000 € question is to the WHY? Why were these SAAs not fitted with the period correct steel backstraps like the Old Models described in chapter or the New Models found in chapter Two thoughts come two mind:

#1: In Uberti's assortment of full size replicas of the Colt Single Action Army a separate line with brass grip frame, i.e. backstrap and triggerguard is available. This is targeted to shooters on a budget.

The Uberti miniature artists replicated just the brass backstrap but fitted a steel triggerguard.

#2: The grip frame of the SAAs back then evolved from the grips of Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies and the Early Model Colt 1871/72. Assuming these parts were leftovers from the Uberti miniature production of 3-screw frame Navies then the brass backstraps could have been fitted to SAA frames. 

This approach would be in line with Sam Colt's and Aldo Uberti's way of good housekeeping or to never through away usable parts.

What do you think?


Chapter Old Model or Blackpowder Frame SAAs: Of the fantasy SAAs in the Hunzinger Collection two 7,5" barreled SAAs #3391 and #3397 and 5,5" barreled specimen #3389 were identified. These three miniatures are unique in so far as they have no maker's mark anywhere on the pistol whereas all others share the A.UBERTI ITALY roll-mark under the barrel. 

Trio of three fantasy Old Model Single Action Army miniatures of standard barrel length with .45 Colt cartridge for size comparison (top down): 7,5" #3394, 5,5" #3392, 4,75" #3387; no patent dates stamped on the left side of the frame nor the 45 CAL stamp on the left shoulder of the triggerguard

Close-up of #3397: Note barrel marking COLT'S PT F. A. MFG. Co HARTFORF. CT. U.S.A.

November 7, 2019/WDN

Below pictured fantasy Old Model SAA miniature with 7,5" barrel #3397 deserves a closer look because a) she is one of the afore mentioned group without maker's mark and b) she is the only one in this bucket full of fantasy miniature SAAs with the period correct barrel marking.

Impressions of #3397: Right side view

Chapter New Model or Smokeless Frame SAAs#3388 pictured below has the maker's mark under the barrel. She is the only fantasy New Model SAA in the Hunzinger Collection.

Impressions of #3388: Left side view

Impressions of #3388: Right side view