Chapter 1.7 - Cylinder Engravings, Markings and Marks of Uberti Colt Miniature Revolvers

1.7.1 Cylinder Engravings (percussion revolvers): The cylinder motif on the big Walkers and the Dragoon models is Ormsby's famous roll engraved Ranger and Indian scene incl. the legend W.L.Ormby Sc. N Y.

The 1851 and 1861 Navies and the 1860 Army on the other hand feature the period correct naval engagement scene of the Texas Navy's victory over the Mexican Navy. The latter's roll engraving shows the legends ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843 (Colt 1851, 1860, 1861), PATENT No (Colt 1851, 1860, 1861), Engraved by. W.L.Ormsby New York (Colt 1851, 1861) and/or PAT. SEPT. 10th, 1850 (Colt 1851, 1860).


1.7.2 Markings – Top of the Barrel: Most revolvers of the Hunzinger Collection do not have such markings. The following markings were recorded, however. Top of the Barrel - Paterson No. 5 Holster ModelSamuel Colt Texas Paterson


Barrel marking of Paterson #PM6

Barrel marking of "early" Colt 1851 Navy miniature Top of the Barrel – Colt 1851 Navy Round Triggerguard Hartford ModelsNAVY 51 was found on one miniature.

Marking on right side of Colt Walker barrel lug

1.7.5 Mark - COLT'S PATENT – Percussion Revolvers: Stamped in two lines on the left side of the frames of 1851 and 1861 Navies, and 1860 Armies: documented in close to 20% of subject revolvers of the Hunzinger Collection.

Two-line COLT'S PATENT on frame of Colt 1851 Navy miniature #530

Two-line patent dates on frame of Colt SAA miniature #3056 Top of the Barrel – Colt 1847 Walker, Colt 1851 Navy Squareback Triggerguard Hartford Models and London NaviesADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY

Unusual not period correct barrel marking of "late" Colt 1851 Navy miniature Top of the Barrel – Colt 1860 Army 3- and 4-Screw FramesADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA

Barrel marking of Colt 1860 Army miniature Top of the Barrel – Colt 1861 NavyADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY U.S. AMERICA Top of the Barrel – Colt 1873 SAA New & Old ModelsCOLT'S PT F.A. MFG. Co. HARTFORD CT. U.S.A.

1.7.3 Markings – Underneath the Barrel: As maker's address complete with the

specialist's mark and/or serial number as applicable. The below markings and combinations of marks could be recorded: Underneath the Barrel - UBERTI FECIT: Earliest production for the Uberti dealer network, assumingly 1982 'til 1985. Underneath the Barrel - No Maker's AddressAssumingly between 1982 through 2000 for the domestic Italian sales. Underneath the Barrel - HEGE/BKA-142 Diamond: Used for the German market HEGE subscription program, assumingly beginning in 1982 but ending by the late 1990s. Underneath the Barrel - A. UBERTI ITALY: Roll stamped assumingly from 1985/86 until 1998. Underneath the Barrel - UBERTI ITALYAssumingly from 1998 'til 2002. Underneath the Barrel - PASSERI M A. UBERTI ITALY, PASSERI M A. UBERTI ITALY PM, A. UBERTI ITALY PM, PASSERI M A. UBERTI FECIT, M. PASSERI, PASSERI M, PM: Assumingly from 2002 until 2008 (controversial data).

1.7.4 Markings – Right Side of Barrel Lug of Colt Walker Miniatures: Marked US 1947 in two lines above the wedge screw.

1.7.6 Mark – Patent Dates - Colt SAAs: Stamped in two lines on the forward left side of the frames, found in 10 % of the SAAs in Hunzinger Collection. 


1.7.7 Mark – Serial Numbers – Percussion Revolvers (with/without miniature maker artist's marks, complete serial numbers or last digits only): Stamped (infrequently) on the bottoms of the barrels, barrel lugs, frames, triggerguards, buttstraps, (infrequently) on the side of the cylinders. 

Serial numbers of revolvers documented from the HEGE subscription program were noted with a Z prefix ("Z" for Zeughaus HEGE?).


1.7.8 Mark – Serial Numbers - Colt SAAs (with/without miniature maker artist's marks, complete serial numbers or last digits only): Stamped (infrequently) into the barrels just ahead of the cylinder pins, frames and triggerguards, breech sides of the cylinders (early production pistols only, rare), loading gates, bottom of the buttstraps.


1.7.9 Mark – Caliber36 CAL44 CAL or 45 CAL on the left shoulders of the triggerguards, discovered in ca. 35% of the revolvers.


December 19, 2018/WDN