Chapter 1 – Aldo Uberti and his Miniature Guns 

Aldo Uberti started his lifetime career by polishing stocks at home at the age of nine. By the age of fourteen he was a full-time Beretta employee. His work weeks were typically twelve hours a day Monday to Friday and six hours on Sunday. In the end, all his hard work paid off, as proven by his expensive factory built during the 1960s. During the first months of 1959, Uberti started his first production of black powder replicas, beginning with the "Yank 1851 Navy Model", and quickly followed by the "1851 Reb Nord Confederate Model" brass frame and round barrel. During 1965, Uberti replicated the Winchester Model 1966 in .22 long rifle caliber.

Aldo Uberti passed away on 21st March 1998 but his company, now operated by Beretta, still continues to be one of the leaders in the manufacture of replica firearms.

Aldo Uberti * June, 30, 1924 - † March 21, 1998 (picture courtesy Uberti S.p.A. 2018)

Aldo was a mechanical genius, par excellence even when he only worked with a hand file. Someone once said that Aldo Uberti could have made the Eiffel Tower with a single file, and still finish it in less time than it took the French.


October 31, 2018/WDN