Chapter 2.2 – Kaziyuki Iinume of Aquapolis 

The Gun Art of Kaziyuki Iinume

A good example is this auto pistol Colt Government 1911A1 in 1:6 scale. This miniature was his entry into the Hunzinger Collection, serial number No721826 from 2015. If the miniature's serial number were stamped on a real piece it would have been made in 1940/41.1)

The Iinume Colt Government miniature is fabricated from 33 parts in chemically blued 925 silver except for the removable clip and the barrel which are stainless steel. The grip panels are smooth polished rose wood, the grip screws sport fire bluing whereas the trigger is strawed.

Two Colt 1911A1s from the Military series respectfully positioned on the stars of a U.S. flag aka Star-Spangled Banner (top down): Parkerized full size Colt made "father" #No1100371 from 1943 (courtesy Lutz Viertel Collection) vs. Iinume's 1:6 scale blued silver miniature "son" #No721826

Impressions of Iinuma made Colt 1911A1auto pistol #721826 miniature with movable slide and hammer, and removable clip

Marks and Markings of the Iinume Colt 1911A1 Serial Number #721826

Frame (right side, two lines):



Slide (left side, two lines):

PATENTED APR.20,1997.SEPT.9,1902          Logo                 COLT'S PT.F.A.MFG.CO.

DEC.19,1905.FEB.14,1911.AUG.1913         rampant Colt         HARTFORD,CT.U.S.A.


Note the "abridged" AUG. 1913 date marking in 2nd line. It reads AUG.19,1913 on the original.

Slide (right side, one line): MODEL OF 1911 U.S. ARMY











2. Thriller: THE GETAWAY, 1972


December 19, 2018/WDN


Size comparisons full size .45 ACP cartridge vs. Iinuma miniature of Colt 1911A1 auto pistol #721826 with miniature dummy .45 ACP cartridge from 2015 production

THE GETAWAY is a crime thriller directed by Sam Peckinpah and stars Steve McQueen that achieved cult status. McQueen as Carter Doc' MacCoy is a recently released convict who is forced to participate in a robbery as a part of a deal his wife (Ali MacGraw) made with a corrupt businessman in order to secure the parole. After a double-cross, the couple find themselves racing towards the border before they are caught by law enforcement or the businessman's henchmen. 

MacQueen carries and uses his Colt 1911A1.