Chapter 3 – When a Martial Flintlock Pistol Collides with Civilian Deringers 

For many decades the global community of miniature gun artists has been a small one. Few masters' names only are recognized by most miniature arms collectors. In the next chapter 3.1 titled Jack Tar and the Gentlemen we will present four such masters, two from Great Britain, the other two from the U.S.A., together with a few of their pieces of art in the Hunzinger Collection.

In 1973 the Texas Ranger Commemorative Commission issued a ¼ scale sterling silver Colt 1851 Navy in a cased set to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the founding of the Texas Rangers. It is our pleasure to introduce this little gem to you in chapter 3.2.1)

Before we do that, however, let's dwell a bit on the (mis) spelling of the word deringer. WHY are some spelling deringers with a single "r" but others write derringers with two "r"s, instead between the de and inger

According to Wikipedia original Philadelphia Deringers (one "r") were single-shot muzzle loading caplock pocket pistols introduced in 1852, by Henry Deringer (one "r"). Some 15,000 Deringer pistols were manufactured in total. All were single barrel pistols, typically in .41 caliber, with rifled bores, and walnut stocks. Barrel length varied from 1.5" to 6".

The term "derringer" (two "r"s) has become a generalized misspelling of the last name of Henry Deringer.Many copies of the original Philadelphia Deringer pistol were made by other gun makers worldwide, and the name was often misspelled. 

This misspelling eventually became an alternative generic term for any pocket pistol, which Deringer's competitors invented and used in their advertising. With the advent of metallic cartridges, pistols produced in the modern form are still commonly called "derringers".2)

After this long winding explanation or excuse rather I hope you don't mind that I continue to write deringer with one "r" only.



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